Wednesday, July 1

A day in Bryce...

Today the families split up to explore the area. The Wollert Clan headed to Bryce Canyon National Park while the Hill's headed to the Escalante area. The Wollert's spent about 7 hours exploring the park by shuttle. We were able to visit different points along the route, including Bryce Point, Sunset and Sunrise Point, and hiked the child un-friendly Navaho Loop which included a 1.3 mile hike through the canyon. It was truly stunning to see the hoodoo's from down below! Although the hike was tough coming back up for the kids, it was well worth it! We also enjoyed lunch at the Bryce Canyon Lodge...our first ever taco bar! Sam REALLY loved it, he even asked the server, "why do we have to get our own food?" since we normally avoid buffets due to his food allergies. Luckily, tacos are a safe choice!

After leaving the park, we headed to a ghost town we had read about in the guidebook. Of course, Mr. Ghost Tour was beside himself to see a REAL ghost town. Unfortunately, the "town" only consisted of about 2 dilapidated houses and piles of wood rubble from the other houses in the middle of a field. So, it wasn't really worth the drive.

We ended our day at the KOA pool and are planning to roast hotdogs and marshmallows for dinner tonight! Unfortunately, we did have an unwelcome slithery guest at our campsite tonight...lucky we have the trusty KOA Kitty Kat to protect us, as the cat actually drove the snake away from our campsite! Cats are always drawn to us for some reason...wonder how he could handle the 2000 mile trip home??? I think Tiggy and August could use another kitty friend:) More tomorrow as we head to Zion! -pati

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